Delivering an Intelligence-Driven eSOC by doIT

A rapid-fire Q&A about how and why doIT, a managed security team based in Germany, partners with Pulsedive.

Delivering an Intelligence-Driven eSOC by doIT

Since 2020, Pulsedive and doIT have been expanding a channel partner relationship. Our work together includes adding new technical integrations, like Pulsedive enrichment with Palo Alto Network's Cortex XSOAR, and supporting clients across Germany. Below, we interviewed Konrad Zacharias, doIT's Technical Consultant, to learn more about how the team is growing their end clients' defensive capabilities with Pulsedive's threat intelligence solutions.

About doIT solutions GMBH

  • Founded 2010
  • Headquartered in Gelnhausen, Germany
  • Delivering intelligence-driven security operations to financial, industrial, manufacturing, and supply chain enterprises with market caps from $1B to $30B+
doIT is a top Pulsedive channel partner. Since 2020, doIT has offered professional services and technologies for SOC implementation and management - enriched with Pulsedive threat intelligence.


Pulsedive API, Feed

What were you looking for in a CTI solution?

Retrieval of ad hoc, contextual information with on-demand scanning
Ease of use in day-to-day by security teams and workflows
Seamless SOAR enrichment via API in a security services environment

Why did you choose Pulsedive?

Fast aggregation and extensive information available (e.g. screenshots)
Excellent user interface and browser add-on for analyst users
Unbeatable value for cost and offerings to end customers
Pulsedive Add-on for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

What results have you found?

Quicker incident resolution, with 5-20 enrichments per investigation
Full integration of Pulsedive API & Feed into doIT’s core service offering
High adoption by end clients for enhanced detection and response

Closing Note

"Used in nearly every incident, Pulsedive is now one of the core services doIT recommends to clients." Konrad Zacharias, Technical Consultant at doIT

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Learn more about the products doIT uses with clients here: Addon | API |  Feed