Elevating Brazil’s Community Cyber Threat Intelligence

Case Study: OpenCTI.BR leverages Pulsedive, enhanced with Pro to research, analyze, and combat regional cyber threats

Elevating Brazil’s Community Cyber Threat Intelligence

Case Study: OpenCTI.BR leverages Pulsedive, enhanced with Pro to research, analyze, and combat regional cyber threats

A Safer Digital World for Brazil

Kicking off as a volunteer initiative in 2020, OpenCTI.BR is dedicated to developing intelligence-driven security efforts for the entire Brazilian market and ecosystem. OpenCTI.BR unifies local security experts in a shared commitment to mitigate Brazil's role in global crime.

The group recognized an increasing number of major incidents in Brazil, with a large portion attributable to simple or moderately sophisticated attacks using common TTPs for ransomware, banking schemes, and trojans. So OpenCTI.BR launched programs from the ground up to research, create, and share related threat intelligence to progress towards their vision of making the digital world safer for all Brazilians.

About OpenCTI.BR

OpenCTI.BR is a non-profit project, maintained by IT security enthusiasts and professionals. The group’s aim: contribute and encourage the sharing of information about cyber threats in the Brazilian community.

The team uses Pulsedive to support several initiatives:

  • Threat Database
  • Threat Feeds Repository
  • Sandbox Malware Analysis
  • Threat Map
  • Threat Analytics Platform
  • Threat Reports

Pulsedive features used:

  • Critical-Risk Feed
  • Screenshots
  • Increased API limits
  • IOC scanning/enrichment
  • Browser Add-on

Identifying Solution Requirements

The team determined the need for a solution that integrated within their security environment and:

  • Provides enrichment and confidence in IOCs collected and analyzed for finished insights
  • Supports pivoting between IOCs and contextual data that is hard to find from other samples and sources
  • Builds a more comprehensive view of suspected IOCs on deep-dive technical investigations
  • Is easy to use for both analysts and integrations

Already familiar with Pulsedive’s community resources for SecOps and CTI professionals, the leaders of OpenCTI.BR sought to expand their use of Pulsedive to achieve their ambitious project plans.

Harnessing Pro for Automation and Manual Investigation

OpenCTI.BR brought Pulsedive Pro into 2 primary workstreams to enrich and investigate IOCs, correlate data, pivot to expand research, and integrate with other tooling.

Pulsedive Threat Feeds are ingested into the OpenCTI.BR MISP instance to process threat data in correlations and analysis, as well as honeypot monitoring.

OpenCTI.BR’s researchers also use Pulsedive’s web UI and add-on for seamless, quick pivoting during malware analysis and reporting.

"We are very happy to be this close to the Pulsedive team. Your purpose is genuine, and one of the sparks that inspired us to create OpenCTI.BR”

OpenCTI.BR Team

Technical and Strategic Success

OpenCTI.BR realized several goals by using Pulsedive Pro for:

Team Productivity

  • Pulsedive analyst-optimized interface and responsiveness during research for millions of domains, URLs, and IPs
  • Compounding value with many ways to access the data, including the critical-risk feed and browser add-on

Intelligence Reporting

  • Validating accuracy as a second opinion for other intelligence collection data points and sources
  • Retrieving on-demand enrichment and context, like metadata, whois, geo

This supported the publishing of key projects, such as:

  • February Situational Report
  • Ghost Rat Report
  • CVE-2018-13379 Report
  • Github Feed Repositories
  • Live Threat Map

Organizational Growth

OpenCTI.BR has significantly expanded its capabilities and deliverables within its first year, expanding from a founding team of two to over a dozen volunteer contributors and a community of over 700.

What’s next: OpenCTI.BR’s team of security leaders will continue to evolve their threat intelligence programs leveraging Pulsedive’s Community platform and Pro feature set - including projects for malware analysis, data analytics, and honeypot platform enhancements.

More Data, Fewer Tabs.

Designed for individual security users, Pulsedive Pro provides even more data built right into the Pulsedive interface and integrated with other tools. Pro adds screenshots, higher API limits, critical-risk feeds, third-party integrations, and more - complete functionality to streamline threat intelligence investigation and analysis. The result?

Easy triage, research, and integration, without the enterprise price tag.

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