Advanced Notice: Plan and Pricing Adjustments

Around March 2024, Pulsedive will be adjusting our plan offerings.

Advanced Notice: Plan and Pricing Adjustments

Around March 2024, Pulsedive will be adjusting our plan offerings.

As part of our commitment to transparency, we are providing the Pulsedive community with notice of upcoming adjustments to product plans. We're proud to have maintained our prices through several years of expanding functionality and improving service. These changes enable us to continue providing the experience our users value without scaling back on innovation or continuous improvement. While more details will be shared with impacted users and customers down the line, we've included an overview below with context and what's to come.


At the core of our startup, we ask ourselves, "How can we better provide frictionless threat intelligence solutions for growing teams?" The decision to review and streamline our plans was the result of a few important reasons:

  • Continuing our commitment to developing and releasing new and highly in-demand functionality
  • Investing in scalable infrastructure to enhance performance and resilience
  • Maintaining customer support quality and responsiveness
  • Improving alignment of offerings to observed use cases and services within the market so our customers can grow with our various products
  • Keeping up with steeply inflating operational costs across the board

If you've ever talked to us before, you'll know how much we focus on keeping lean, highly efficient systems to run Pulsedive - from our scanning infrastructure to our no-nonsense sales process. Being resourceful is one way we've been able to grow with our users without skyrocketing prices. This focus is why our team conducted research and analysis over the course of a year: to determine how best to maintain our free tier and affordable commercial plans, while also providing quality support to paid customers.

Overview of Changes

We've included the most noticeable changes to come below:

Visitor limits will be 10 API requests/day and 100 API requests/month. (We define visitors as free users that do not have a registered Pulsedive account.)

If you are using the Pulsedive API without an account, we encourage you to sign up now to grab an API key and minimize the impact to integrations/automation you have in place.

Free registered accounts will remain free, with an API limit of 50 requests/day and 500 requests/month.

Pro pricing will remain the same at $29/month. UI upgrades and the Pro Feed will be unchanged. API requests limits will be 250 requests/day and 2,500 requests/month.

API plans:

  • Team plan limits will be 25,000 requests/month.
  • Business plan limits will be 100,000 requests/month.
  • A new Custom plan will also be available for limits beyond our other plans.
  • Pricing will increase, but all listed API plans available for purchase online (Team, Business) will remain under $1,000/month. We will continue offering annual plan discounts with two months free.

Additionally, some Analyze limits and Explore results across plans will be adjusted. Based on user research, these changes will not impact most of users.

Feed plans are changing more significantly. We are retiring the existing names and transitioning to more straightforward plans:

  • Light: Best for bulk enrichment of the highest-risk IOCs. High and critical risk IPs, domains, and URLs from the last year. Available in CSV format.
  • Standard: A robust download for enriching IPs, domains, and URLs of all risk levels from the last year. Available in CSV format and STIX/TAXII 2.1.
  • Complete: Our most comprehensive offering to support ongoing triage and historical research. IPs, domains, and URLs of all risk levels from all time. Filters are available by day, week, month, year, or all time. Risk levels include unknown, very low, low, medium, high, critical, and retired IOCs. Available in CSV format and STIX/TAXII 2.1.
  • Pricing will increase in range to $1,500-3,000/month. We will continue offering annual plan discounts with two months free.

Last Chance

In one last hurrah, we wanted to offer any new customers considering Pulsedive a last chance to lock in legacy prices and plans before they retire.

First-time customers can use the code "LASTCHANCE10" to grab an additional 10% off on any API or Feed plan. The discount will apply to one subscription term: annual plans will apply a 10% discount on the entire year, while monthly plans will apply a discount on the first month only. We will honor legacy plan limits until your next renewal (this is a notable benefit for annual subscribers).

First-time customer can use code "LASTCHANCE10" to take advantage of our current pricing

What to Expect

These adjustments allow us to continue investing in the features and improvements that matter most to our users, both free and paid. All customers will receive dedicated updates and details on how and when their subscriptions will be impacted. Existing subscriptions will be honored with the current price and limits until the next renewal, which includes all multi-year deals and bundles. The adjustments will begin around March 2024, with additional announcements to follow. Stay tuned.

We welcome open communication - reach us at with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued trust, understanding, and collaboration as we work towards this important update.