Update: Pulsedive Add-On

Pulsedive's latest V3 update to our Chrome, Firefox, and Edge add-on include new features and improved user experience.

Update: Pulsedive Add-On

What's New

We recently released a major update to the Pulsedive Add-On for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Version 3.0 features bulk indicator processing, advanced settings and controls, dark mode, and an improved user experience and interface. Read on below for more details and a walkthrough of key features.


What it is: Streamline real-time threat research and analysis on any website you visit with Pulsedive’s threat intelligence browser add-on.

How it works: Highlight IPs, domains, URLs, or threat names in any website text to enrich them using Pulsedive's free Community dataset. Get immediate, up-to-date context when reading cybersecurity news and threat advisories, or exploring threat intelligence collections and research. Create a free account for increased limits and additional capabilities.

What's new in V3:

The latest update introduces bulk indicator processing, advanced settings & controls, and an improved user experience and interface.

  • Dark mode
  • Free-text parsing for IPs, URLs, and domains
  • Bulk indicator processing
  • Muting/unmuting and website exclusions
  • Usage guide in Settings page
  • Fixed punycode domain support


  • Indicator Lookup - highlight text around an IP, URL, or domain to enrich with contextual data from Pulsedive, including associated threats, screenshots, ports, protocols, web technologies, HTTP headers, meta tags, WHOIS data, and more
  • On-Demand Scans - perform real-time passive or active scans on IPs, domains, and URLs to fetch live data
  • Bulk Processing - highlight text containing hundreds or thousands of indicators to parse and refang in bulk, download them as a CSV, and submit to Pulsedive Analyze for bulk enrichment
  • Threat Research - look up threat names and aliases to retrieve threat summaries, associated indicators, TTPs, latest news, and additional context
  • Website Enrichment - click the add-on button without highlighting text to retrieve domain information for the website you're visiting
  • Mute Options - reduce noise by easily muting the auto-popup temporarily or on specific sites
  • Flexible Controls - adjust the add-on settings to control when, where, and how Pulsedive parses threat intelligence information
  • Quick Pivoting - convenient one-click pivot to the Pulsedive Community platform at pulsedive.com for further analysis
"This app is so awesome! Such a time saver. As a security researcher, ToR exit node, and Honeypot operator, I check hundreds of ip's a week. The fast ease of use and very in-depth analysis is stellar!" - Firefox Review


Indicator Highlighting

Highlight text on any webpage to quickly parse and refang a domain, IP, or URL for Pulsedive threat intelligence enrichment. Perform active or passive scans and easily pivot to Pulsedive for further investigation.

Bulk Parsing

Highlight text containing hundreds, and even thousands, of indicators to parse and refang them, download the list in CSV format, or pass them to Pulsedive Analyze for bulk enrichment.

Threat Enrichment

Highlight exact threat names or aliases, and click the Pulsedive add-on button to retrieve relevant threat overviews from Pulsedive’s dataset where available. Open Pulsedive’s threat profile to retrieve associated indicators, explore TTPs, read latest news, and learn more.


Remove noise with several muting features for the auto-popup. Temporarily mute for 5 minutes, mute specific sites permanently, or disable the auto-popup right from the add-on sidebar. Easily revert changes to expire the mute timer, remove a site exception, and enable the auto-popup from the sidebar settings. Or, visit the add-on settings page to make changes.

Add-on Button & Settings

Configure how and when the add-on activates. When Auto-Popup on Highlight is enabled, the sidebar will automatically appear when highlighting text containing supported indicators.

If the text contains a single indicator, the indicator must comprise most of the highlighted text. This control is in place to limit unintentional triggering. If the text contains multiple indicators, the sidebar will automatically appear if Bulk Parsing is enabled for the auto-popup.

Advanced Settings

  • Select default scan type (Active, Passive)
  • Modify the indicator types to trigger the auto-pop up on highlight (IPv4, IPv6, Domain, URL)
  • Expand IPv4 CIDR ranges
  • Parse email domains, and
  • Manually add site exceptions
"wow, works great! very smooth UI. No requirement to sign up or get an API key* so as soon as it's installed, it's ready to use (*the API key has been integrated by the creator so we don't have to do the extra step!)." - Chrome ReviewFirefox Review
"Outstanding official Chrome extension for Pulsedive! I have zero complaints. Incredibly convenient to do lookups at any time. Thoughtfully built by the folks who actually use it, so it just makes sense." - Chrome Review

Closing Notes

Pulsedive's latest add-on update introduces an array of powerful new features and design enhancements to streamline threat intelligence and research for cybersecurity professionals. With new capabilities such as bulk indicator processing, advanced settings, and improved user experience, users can now efficiently parse and enrich threat data across multiple websites more easily. We hope you enjoy the improved functionality and more intuitive, customizable interface!

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Have an issue, question, or suggestion for improvement? Reach out to support@pulsedive.com.